Structure of this website

Understand DSM

There are various sections available on this website:

Understand DSM will grant you detailed insight into what DSM is all about. Tutorials, industrial use cases and further material to familiarize you with the ideas, concepts and capabilities of matrix-based complexity management.

DSM Knowledge

DSM Knowledge will allow you to browse relevant publications and resources on the internet that will enable you to deepen your know-how and understanding on DSM. If you have own publications you would like to share, please also do not hesitate to contact us. Registered Members of can download many of the publications in the internal section.

DSM Tools

DSM Tools presents the software tools that are available to handle larger structures. There is a variety of software tools available, some of which are commercially available, while others have evolved as research tools.

Discuss DSM

Discuss DSM invites you to use our WiKi to discuss problems and how to solve them using matrix-based methodologies. It is our vision to provide as many use cases as possible, and registered member can browse and edit all entries freely.

DSM Community

DSM Community allows you to gain insight into who is part of the DSM Community and where we meet. It also offers the opportunity to become a registered member at no cost and to keep close to the pulse of DSM time.