24-26 October 2006

Category: Events

8th International Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) Conference, Seattle, WA (USA)

The Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) has been identified as a key enabler for achieving these goals, and the technique and associated software applications should now be recognized as an essential part of project delivery. 

The Boeing Company and the PMIG-A&D SIG (Project Management Institute Group - Aerospace and Defense Specific Interest Group), will be hosting a three-day conference on the Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) methodology for primarily industry practitioners, and associated academic researchers and software products.
This conference has been designed to focus on the industry applications of the DSM approaches (sequencing, clustering), as a key enabler of the systems engineering and project planning perspective of complex product / service lifecycle management projects.

Based upon the on display at last year’s conference, a significant foundation has been established for this year’s DSM06 conference theme of "Crossing the Chasm : Industry Adoption of DSM Technology." It is represented in the design of 3 sessions that cover the breadth of the technology and its industrial application.

Advance Notice / Call for Abstracts    June 19, 2006
Abstracts Due    Aug. 4, 2006
Final Notice      Aug 11, 2006
Presentation Due    Sep. 22, 2006
Registration Deadline    Sep. 25, 2006
DSM Conference (3 day)     Oct. 24-26, 2006