23 December 2011

DSM-Community – Introduction of Management Roles


We are glad that more and more people interested in DSM related methodologies joining the DSM-community.
With the fast growth of our community the administrational efforts to keep the community together are increasing and the need for a new organizational structure in our community evolved.
Therefore, we are happy to announce that the DSM community has agreed on seven roles to facilitate the management of our activities.
The persons filling these roles will be appointed annually.

Updating the contents of

  • DSMweb-Director:  Prof. Tyson Browning
  • DSMweb-Master:  Frank Waldman

Organization of the annual International DSM Conference

  • DSM Conference Local Chair:  Mori Onishi
  • DSM Conference Program Chair:  Dr. Maik Maurer
  • DSM Conference Organizer: Katharina Kirner

Contact for applications to host the DSM Conference

  • DSM Committee Chair:  Dr. David Wynn

New – Interest Group for the application of DSM related methodologies in industry

  • DSM Application SIG Chair: Mike Stowe


Please use dsmweb(at) to contact the DSM-Community.
Please indicate the topic you are interesed in.